Sustainability has remained an important part of most development throughout the downturn, and has been embraced by the developers for those projects that have continued in spite of bad economic times.

Roofing and construction contractors are taking green buildings more seriously as they understand that it is a global trend that is here to stay and if they wish to offer their clients all the services possible, offering an option for green building is a must."

Despite this progress, it is clear that we have a long way to go in terms of green building, but as one by one we become more aware of our ability to contribute to a greener world the future will look brighter.

It is difficult to change mind sets, and it is difficult to get people to take steps to improve the conditions of an ailing world when our culture only responds to things seen in vivid truth. The truth is we all can respond in small ways, and make a huge impact on this crisis.

So how can we change the habit of a life time and reduce our carbon footprint?

What can you do to start Now?

• Use natural materials like wood and stone where possible

• Source materials locally

• Monitor your progress

• Team up with a sustainable consultant

• Recycle materials

• Compact your waste

• Reduce the water consumption

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