How many years of protection can I expect from my new composition roof?

The life expectancy of an asphalt composition shingles, can range anywhere from fifteen to fifty years. However, because of weather and other conditions the life of your roof may be considerably less. That is why; under our exclusive and very affordable LIFETIME WARANTY we can offer you protection for the life of your roof, year after year! Please see your Lincoln Douglas Inc. representative for any questions and to ask us about the lifetime warranty.

How long will it take to install the roof once the work is started?

The average roof takes approximately one or two days to complete. Our scheduling department will be glad to work with you as closely as possible, if you prefer certain dates for installation of your new roof.

What exactly does the warranty cover?

Our 100% Workmanship warranty covers any problems that may occur during the warranty period that are due to faulty workmanship. If you choose to add lifetime protection for your roof, we can issue you a Lifetime Warranty certificate.

How will I know if my roof was properly installed?

One of our quality inspectors will make a thorough inspection of your roof to insure that all workmanship has been performed to meet our high quality standards, and adheres to all company guidelines.

To ask a question, Please complete the form below. You will recieve an answer within 24 hrs.

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